Date: 30th October, 2023 (Monday)


Halloween Day is an annual celebration that takes place on 31st October. People all over the world celebrate it with great enthusiasm and joy. Halloween has evolved into a widely celebrated event, characterized by costumes, decorations, spooky themes, and community activities. It’s a time for people of all ages to have fun, embrace creativity, and enjoy the thrill of the season.Despite its spooky origins, everyone dresses up in different costumes, and participate in festive activities.

The celebration of Halloween is associated with the idea of good fortune. Keeping the same festive spirit in mind, Pre-School to Class 1 of Maxfort School, Paschim Vihar celebrated Halloween on October 30, 2023. Our school’s Halloween celebration was a spectacular fusion of creativity and camaraderie. Students, adorned in an array of imaginative costumes, paraded through the classes, showcasing their Halloween spirit. The school was transformed into a haunted wonderland with eerie decorations, setting the stage for thrilling activities.

It was indeed a treat to see children dress up in various outfits to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. The students were familiarized with the idea behind celebrating this festival by our respected Principal Mam Dr. Ragini Kaul. The enthusiastic children eagerly participated in some spooky performances like Dance and Music. The highlight of the event was Ghost Ramp Walk which was a creative and entertaining twist on a traditional fashion show. Participants were dressed up as ghosts and strut down a runway, showcasing their spooky and imaginative costumes.It was a playful way to celebrate Halloween, combining fashion, creativity, and a touch of the supernatural. The atmosphere was vibrant as the children were dressed in their scariest best. Student were dressed as everything from witches to superheroes, wandered in the school, collecting sweet treats and spreading joy.

Students enjoyed and danced to the tunes of Halloween songs. The spirit of Halloween
continued with a delightful trick-or-treat extravaganza. Trick-or-treating added a sweet touch to
the celebration, as students exchanged treats and smiles in a festive display of community spirit.

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