Maxfort PV is an A League Progressive School nestled in the vicinity of a residential area in Paschim Vihar. The School ensures that it’s faculty remains updated and abreast with the latest. Time to time Enrichment Programs are arranged for the same.
The HR department ensures that only Shortlisted, Highly qualified and Experienced teachers are appointed. After joining our Institution, they are encouraged and motivated to become lifelong learners. Various programs and workshops are conducted for their development.
Yes, we do not believe in staying within the confines of a classroom. Actual and real learning is experiential. A lot of focus is laid on the holistic development of a maxfortian, so that when they leave the portals of the formal School, they are well-equipped to handle life. For this we ensure that, in our school it’s learning that’s happening and real learning always happens outside the classrooms.
There’s a Safety and Security Committee constituted and they conduct periodical inspections to ensure that everyone is Safe and Secure. We have lady guards deputed on each floor to monitor any/all movements on the floor. Designated ancillary staff is on duty 24x7, in front of all washrooms. The whole school is under Surveillance.
We are living in an era of robust technology. Maxfort Paschim Vihar focuses on tech based knowledge, imparted to faculty & students from time to time. We provide cyber safe access to our computers and the IT and Computer department ensures tech safety. However, on the other hand, the conventional and the modern methods of teaching learning are amalgamated for wider benefits. Our classrooms are equipped with BenQ Smart Boards, and teachers make judicious use of the same. Flip classrooms are also a part of our pedagogies.
Since we believe in the holistic development, we have vast parameters, on which our students are assessed. Equal weightage is given to Curricular and Co-Curricular arenas.
A lot of focus is laid on the various developments of a child like the emotional, social, psychological and physical. These are well supported and weaved in a fabric of main curriculum planning. Rubrics are set in the Report profile of each student and grades marked after every term. Clarity on this is given in detail to the students as well as parents through orientation programs and Open Houses.
Our classes especially the Primary section which is the foundation stage, a period is allotted known as the Circle time. During this time through art, storytelling etc., various values like being kind, polite are instilled, and many more. Meal time is again that time of the day, when children are encouraged to share. The Special healthy meal is provided to the students of Pre-School and Pre-Primary. This is complimentary. The intention is to avoid discrepancy and to bring in uniformity and also to encourage healthy eating habits, and teach them table etiquettes.