Maxfort School

Learning Support

Our objective is "to ensure that individual learning needs, styles and diverse levels of abilities are taken into account, in both teaching and evaluation."

The Empowering Curriculum is designed in tandem with this philosophy and is promoted in close association with the teaching faculty.

The school also offers Learning Support with the collaboration of the teachers to provide assistance and expertise to students with learning issues. Students with EAL (English as an additional language), SEND (Special Educational needs and disabilities) or those who have moderate learning issues are provided essential support to help them make desired progress. We are committed to help all students to realize their highest aptitude.

Strategic Approach

In the Classroom

The faculty is kept updated about the students requiring special attention and the essential strategy involved in supporting such students. The students are provided a versatile environment that allows them to develop and make progress.

Personal Support

Our learning experts give personalized, one-to-one lessons on a weekly or fortnightly basis to support needy students. These are given at the time when no-exams are scheduled.

Study Mates

The school has established a student mentoring program where capable students are paired with weaker students as Study Mates to provide guidance, mentoring and support as per need.

Learning Skills Coaching

Our learning experts provide coaching to students in the arena of learning skills so that they learn and practice efficient techniques of gripping information and knowledge.


The student's progress is monitored closely with the help of review of assessments and reports from teachers. The Learning Support strategy is then designed, varied and implemented accordingly.

Parental Support

Parents, mentors and guardians are kept well informed and taken into confidence to provide all-inclusive support to the students.
We strongly adore this emotion:
All kids need is a little Help,
A little Hope & someone who believes in them.
All students of Maxfort are our kids. We strive to inspire each student to excel in their passions and soar above obstacles to reach the stars. We involve parents and the guardians in this great work.
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