Self Defence

Empowering female students to fight back against crime has been the call of the day. In this modern era, violence against girls has been very common on every street in both rural and urban settings. Small kids, girls, and even women are feeling insecure the moment they are out of their homes for any purpose that
matters. It is very important for every girl and woman to get prepared mentally and physically well equipped with the required skills and techniques to defend themselves from any kind of antisocial element prevailing in society today. With these emerging needs and objectives in mind, Maxfort School, Paschim Vihar organized 8 days of Self-Defense training for all the courageous girls from grades VI to IX, where the training was imparted by Delhi Police persons.

The felicitation ceremony where the certificates were awarded to the girls took place on Tuesday, 3 rd October and the same was presided over by Delhi Police Inspector Smt. Mukesh Devi CP cell outer Delhi and Constable Ms. Neha. The ceremony began with lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana to seek blessings from the goddess of wisdom. Respected Principal Ma’am Dr. Ragini Kaul motivated everyone with her insightful words. Then the ceremony was followed by a drill performance of fearless Maxfortian girls. The objective of the training was to educate the girl students about the different types of violence against them. They learned various self-protection tips on how to avoid/defend by attacking a potential attacker by using objects or by striking the soft spots of the attacker when subjected to physical abuse, violence, and crime.

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