Mother’s Day

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers”.

Who do we run to when we are happy, sad, excited or nervous? We cannot think of anyone except; our mother. A mother is God’s most ethereal creation ever. Mother’s Day, also known as Mothering Sunday is a special day dedicated to celebrating and honoring mothers and mother figures for their love and contributions to their families and society. This day is usually observed on the second Sunday in May in many countries including the India.

Mother’s Day also highlights the importance of maternal health and well-being. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges that mothers face in raising their children, and the need for adequate support and resources to help them in their journey. Mother’s day is a time for children, spouses, and other family members to show appreciation and love for their mothers through gifts, cards, and other gestures of affection. It is a time to recognize the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication that mothers make every day.

To celebrate our unconditional love for our mothers, a special assembly was organized in Maxfort on 11th May, 2023, in which students of Pre-Primary and 1st standard participated with zeal and enthusiasm.

The assembly started off with our young comperes proving an introduction. It was followed by students speaking a few lines depicting the importance of mothers in our lives. The assembly was vitalized by the choir team. It was followed by a short play that delineated mothers as multi-taskers, meeting the needs and demand of everyone in the family. A self-composed poem was presented.

To liven up the atmosphere, students of Pre-Primary gave an exuberant dance performance which was followed by another thriving dance performance by class 1 students which left the audience grooving. The assembly culminated with a spectacular Ramp-show. The ramp-show was a total hit as the girls dressed up like their mothers in snazzy outfits and sashayed down the runway. They spoke about their mother’s likes and dislikes and how their mothers add sparkle to their lives by showering them with love.

At last students hand-crafted greeting cards for their mothers to make them feel special and cared for.

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